Christie Contemporary is pleased to premiere The Interopera, opening October 20 and continuing until November 18, featuring new work by Brian Boigon.

The future is always happening now. With this first iteration of The Interopera, Boigon extends his temporal trajectory by several millennia with an immersive, narrative text that reverse-generates relics of a future to the gallery environment as an Interopera Room. Drawings, book, sculpture and embedded 3D prints function as a kind of ontological sinew for the narrative, tracing the ideas’ architecture; one operational artifact at a time.

Excerpt from The Interopera Reader, Analogue:

Interopera is a dark gothic futuristic tale about an Alien civilization that comes to Planet Earth and melds with the Human Race in order to preserve and produce a new Quantum Civilization based in a constantly changing multi-dimensional space –– lathed into a recognizable fragment of wholeness known as: The Interopera. 

Housed inside a 17th-century etching tool and implicate space, is all the gnomic code script comprising a new race known now as The Entity. The story involves a range of characters engaging in morphogenetic struggles embedded in fictional locations who ultimately self-organize into a Quantum Race in a fully enfolded space. There are numerous plot lines dealing with the amalgamation of two races, as well as an evolutionary plan speculating on the future in order to illuminate our present world. Leaders of this new race are pitted against the dark workings of a mad organism called The Evil: consisting of twenty-seven diabolical mechanisms, it is an evil-producing machine motivated to establish and control singularity. The central plot of The Meeting, revolves around the Empress of The Death Star, Ember. She is sent to orchestrate a quantum space in which Bento can entirely devote himself to creating The Interopera. Ember’s mother, Alpine, orders her to pilot a Shuttle Portal Ship containing all the base elements from their race to a promising new galaxy. As the Alien craft downloads to the Planet Earth and streams a sequencing generator –– fusing their race with the Human Race –– something in the system swerves; while the two races meld into a coherent field, an evil force penetrates Dakota’s Loom, where The Entity’s Data Shrapnel are hosted. A time-warp-loop galvanizes and the hybrid races are caught in an endless Entity Loop in the year 5001. Bento must complete the gnomic braiding of The Interopera Spear before the loop unravels and ejects the entire new race prospect into a galactic hole, forever. The Entity Race would then be caught in an infinite cycle of birth, death, and rebirth deep down inside the Interoperatic world of implicate order and quantum induction. 



BRIAN BOIGON (b. 1955, Toronto; lives and works in Toronto) studied at Ontario College of Art [today OCADU], 1973-76, and earned a B.Arch at University of Toronto, 1976-80. Boigon has exhibited broadly nationally and internationally, including P3 Alternative Museum, Tokyo; Fodor Museum, Amsterdam; P.S.1, Long Island City, NY; Hallwalls, Buffalo; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; Camden Arts Centre, London, UK; and Kunstverein Stuttgart, Stuttgart, among others. Embracing an expansive modality, Boigon’s ongoing projects have moved from gallery, to print, to symposia, to gaming, to film and video, to digital platforms, and back again. Speed Reading Tokyo, Culture Lab and most recently The Interopera, permeate across multiple disciplines to occupy ranging modes of signification.